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February 2015
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The exclusive, definitive Jon Stewart exit interview.

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Episode 19: The Flop House Takeover

Correspondent Jessica Williams and supervising producer Justin Melkmann join head writer Elliott Kalan and writer Dan McCoy (also the hosts of America's favorite bad movie podcast, The Flop House) to give Jon's first episode as Daily Show host the Flop House treatment. Is Jon's 1999 Daily Show debut a Jon Bomb Show-vi? Does it Jon StewHurt-So-Good? Or is it a work of Jon StewART?

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Jordan Klepper sits down with war veterans and current staffers Production Coordinator Justine Cabulong and Associate Field Segment Producer Nate Witmer to discuss The Daily Show's Veteran Immersion Program. Senior Coordinating Producer Elise Terrell and Production Manager Camille Hebert discuss how the program came to be and how other organizations can create their own.

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Correspondent Hasan Minhaj goes deep into the Daily Show's control room with two veterans:  director Chuck O'Neil and associate director/ post production supervisor Paul Pennolino.

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Correspondent Samantha Bee bids farewell to The Daily Show alongside senior producer Miles Kahn, coordinating field producer Alison Camillo and writer Zhubin Parang. Sam and Miles share some of the best advice Jon ever gave them. Zhubin details how his obsession with Fox's The Five led to one of Sam's most memorable performances.

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Correspondent Aasif Mandvi is joined by senior researcher Adam Chodikoff, writer Daniel Radosh and Hillary Kun, co-executive producer and guest booker. How do Chodikoff and Radosh help Jon prepare for big-named interviews? What's been Hillary's biggest booking triumph? And finally, does Jon actually read the books?

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Correspondent Hasan Minhaj and writer Delaney Yeager discuss an experience familiar to anyone involved in comedy: rejection. Writers Matt Koff and Owen Parsons chat about taking risks in their scripts. Plus! Conan O'Brien's message for Jon.

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Correspondent Jason Jones bids farewell to The Daily Show with the help of head writer Elliott Kalan, executive producer Tim Greenberg and field producer Brennan Shroff.

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Bassem Youssef joins executive producer Steve Bodow and senior producer Sara Taksler for a conversation about how The Daily Show inspired Bassem to create Al-Bernameg, his massively popular (and now banned) Egyptian news satire program. Sara discusses her soon-to-be-released documentary, Tickling Giants, which chronicles how Bassem and his staff risked their safety every day to tell jokes.

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New contributor Trevor Noah joins executive producer Steve Bodow and writer Jo Miller for a conversation about Trevor's comedy roots in South Africa, the international perspective he brings to The Daily Show and his friend back home named after one of history's most brutal dictators. 

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Correspondents Jessica Williams and Hasan Minhaj join executive producer Adam Lowitt and supervising producer Stu Miller on stage in front of a sold-out crowd at the NYC Podfest! 

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